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You are applying for the position:

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1. Advertising Avenue:
Where did you see this position advertised?

2. Residency:
Which option best describes your current residency status?

3. Wakatu Incorporation :
Are you a Wakatū owner/shareholder or have a spouse who is?

4. Experience:
Do you have experience working in a factory?

5. Health - Pre-employment drug and medical screening.:
As part of the application process you will be required to successfully complete a pre employment drug screen and medical assessment with our Occupational Health Nurse. Are you prepared to undergo this for this position?

6. Health:
Please tick any medical conditions below that are,or have been, applicable to you.

7. Health:
Do you have, or have you had, any injury or medical conditions caused by gradual process, disease or infection EG: hearing loss, sensitivity to chemicals, OOS, back injury or strain, asthma - which might be aggravated by the requirements of this position?

8. H&S - Drug and Alcohol Policy:
Kono NZ has a Drug and Alcohol Policy in place.Random testing can be conducted where there is reasonable suspicion or following serious incident/accident. Consent for testing is given upon signing the employment agreement. Do you support this?

9. Criminal Convictions:
Do you have any criminal convictions that are not concealed under the Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004?

10. Criminal Convictions:
If yes, please detail stating the year(s) and nature of the conviction(s) If no. Please put N/A in box below.

11. Company Technology - Payroll purposes:
The company uses finger scanning technology to record employee payable hours. This data is only held within the time track system and not used for other purposes. Is this acceptable to you?

12. Previous Employment:
Have you previously been employed by this company?

13. Previous Employment:
Please write the Position and Department you worked in during your previous employment. Please write N/A if not applicable.

14. Food experience:
Have you had experience working in a food processing environment

15. Position of Interest:
Please indicate which shift you are interested in.

16. Overtime:
Are you able to work overtime if requested?

17. Drivers Licence :
Some positions may require you to drive a work vehicle. Please select your driver license status.

18. Drivers Licence :
Do you have any endorsements? Please list them.

19. Employment Commencement:
If you are successful, when are you available to start?

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